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2020 was a Rollercoaster of a year for most.

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Here at DPA Law our experienced team can help with an array of issues such as:

Advice regarding employment contracts:

Are your employment contracts up to date and up to scratch?

We can review any existing employment contracts and provide updated contracts to comply with all the latest developments in Employment Law and keep you up to date with changes to the working environment to reflect potential moves to more agile working.

Are you looking to make amendments to the terms of existing employee’s contracts?

We can advise you on where you may be entitled to make changes unilaterally or where consultation and agreement is necessary before implementing any changes.

Advice regarding policies:

Do you have (or need) any specific policies in place for your employees? We can review any existing policies and provide updated policies on several topics including, but not limited to flexible and homeworking, bullying and harassment, IT and social media policies.

We do not just advise employers; we can also help employees with employment related issues such as:

Assess merits of unfair dismissal claims:

Have you been made redundant? We can check that a fair process was followed, enter correspondence with the employer if appropriate, and advise you on your rights to pursue a claim to the Employment Tribunal.

Have you been dismissed following any other event? We can consider any paperwork and/or correspondence you have had with your employer before advising you as to the fairness of the dismissal. We can then advise you on your rights to pursue a claim to the Employment Tribunal as appropriate.

Advice on settlement agreements:

Have you been offered a settlement agreement by your employer?

If your employer is looking to facilitate your exit from the company using a settlement agreement, we can advise you, often free of charge, on the agreement to ensure that you are getting a fair deal.

For any Enquires on Employment contact us on 01554 749144 or email us

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