Here at DPA Law we really value our local community.

For the next 12 months we shall be supporting a different local business every month - this will include a Q&A as we get to know these business owners.

Our Local Business of the Month in September is Betty Rose BY Jessica

1. Why did you create Betty Rose? Inspired by my two little girls, I decided to create a forever keepsake bear for my youngest daughter's nursery. I then went on to design floral art for both my daughter's nursery and bedroom. Betty rose was born

2. How did you get started?

Founded during my maternity leave in 2020, during our unprecedented covid.19 world. Inspired by the love and passion I have for creating sentimental, heartfelt gifts for family, friends, and others. This is where Betty Rose was born

3. Tell me about Betty Rose, who are you? The name - Betty Rose was taken from my wonderful grandmother Betty and the love I have for flowers.

4. What do you sell? All our designs are hand made from start to finish, bespoke and made to order to your taste and for any occasion. With the option to discuss any design ideas you have in mind; no two designs are the same. We are unique.

Whether it be letters, a script name, shapes, a rainbow, or personalised items - Betty Rose is a perfect, heartfelt, and thoughtful gift for any occasion. From nursery decor, welcoming a new baby, a birthday milestone, a wedding gift or simply as a unique gift for that special someone, any time of the year, just to show they are thought of

Whatever you require - Betty Rose can deliver

Where do sell your products? Apart from selling products are on social media, Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. Started through making a page on Instagram and word of mouth.

Finally, Any tips for our readers to kick start their business. Top tips to anyone wanting to start their own venture, always be true to yourself and what products you truly believe In, if you are passionate and have the drive the business will thrive. Always being constant and relatable to customers.



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