Parents, parenting, and family breakdown - Your FAQ Answered

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Unfortunately sometimes relationships do breakdown and children can get caught in the middle.

I asked our family team what can happen when there is children involved.

1.     Can you prevent your ex-partner from posting pictures of your children on social media?

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to prevent images being shared online, with the assistance of the Court.

2.     Can you change your child’s surname?

If everybody with parental responsibility agrees, we can assist with the change of name and the legal services behind this. If not all parties consent, it still can be possible by making an application to the Court for determination

3.     Do you have to go to Court to see your child?

Individuals are encouraged to reach their own agreements; however, we understand that this is not always possible. Alternative assistance in reaching agreements are available, but failing that an application to the Court may be required.

4.     Will the Court consider the child’s wishes and feelings?

Yes, amongst other factors, the Court will consider the wishes and feelings of a child.

The older the child is, the more weight is attributed to their views.

5.     Do you have to pay child maintenance, if so, how much?

It is a parent’s responsibility to maintain a child. Unless it can be agreed, the child maintenance service will calculate the amount payable by one parent.

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be a very stressful time.

If you require any further information in relation to any of the above questions, or any ongoing concerns, please contact a member of the DPA Family team on 01554 749144 / email us


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