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Dealing with squatters or trespassers on your land or property

If you discover trespassers or squatters in your property or on your land you will need an order from the court in order to remove them. In cases where the trespasser does not dispute your entitlement to recover possession, the procedure will be straightforward for obtaining the order and recovering possession, but if the trespasser does dispute your entitlement there will be a full hearing before a judge. It is always a good idea to obtain advice when seeking to recover possession

How to Deal with Rogue Contractors

Embarking on building works or home improvements can be an expensive and time-consuming business, so it is important to plan carefully in order to avoid any additional problems, such as disputes with the contractor – and should the worst happen, to make sure the appropriate steps are taken to rectify the situation.

Recovering Possession of residential property against a tenant

As a landlord, you may occasionally find that it is necessary to take action to recover possession of a property against your tenant(s). This factsheet sets out some of the points you should consider, and the action you need to take, when dealing with the sensitive issue of tenant evictions. The information provided is intended for guidance only, and relates to the law currently applying in England and Wales.

Taking a New Commercial Lease

Taking a new lease of premises is a serious step. You will be entering into a long term liability that you cannot get out of easily. The liabilities will extend beyond paying the rent and rates to include such things as keeping the property maintained and decorated and complying with any requirements imposed by the landlord or by statute.

What to do at the End of Your Lease - A Guide for Business Tenants

What happens at the end of a lease can be more expensive to sort out than taking the lease in the first place. You may or may not have ‘security of tenure’ depending on whether certain forms were served on you by the landlord before the start of the lease. Even if you have security the landlord can oppose the grant of a new lease if they can prove certain grounds for possession.

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