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Fixed Fee Debt Recovery

If you are looking to recover an unpaid from a debtor (whether business or consumer), DPA Law can help you do so for a fixed fee.

*Please note that the fixed fee debt recovery costs only apply to claims made in relation to an unpaid invoice that has not been disputed. If the debtor disputes your claim, we will discuss any further work required and provide you with revised advice about costs.

Stage One – Letter Before Action

This is the initial stage where a letter is sent to the debtor demanding immediate payment. The process differs slightly depending on whether we are writing to a business or individual as there are different protocols to follow. We often find that these letters succeed and payment is received without further action.

Debt value

Our fee

Up to £5,000

£125.00 plus VAT

£5,001.00 -   £10,000.00

£175.00 plus VAT

£10,001 +

£225 plus VAT

This fixed fee includes: taking initial instructions and reviewing documentation, sending a letter before action, receiving payment and sending it onto you.

Stage One (b) - Pre issue assessment

Depending on the value of the claim we may advise you to undertake a pre issue assessment which will involve undertaking searches at the land registry and bankruptcy searches. Our fees for this stage will be based upon an hourly rate and is likely to cost between £250.00 and £500.00). In some circumstances we would recommend instructing a third party agent to prepare an asset report at a cost of approximately £200 plus VAT. This stage is to ensure that the debtor has sufficient funds to pay a Default Judgment prior to you incurring the costs of obtaining one.

Step Two – Issuing a claim

If the debtor fails to pay within the given timescale we can file an Application at the Court. The debtor will be required to respond to the Court or settle the claim within 14 days. If they fail do to this we can apply for a Default Judgment for the amount owed.

Debt value

Our fee

Up to £5,000

£250 plus VAT and   Court fee

£5,001.00 -   £10,000.00

£350 plus VAT and   Court fee

£10,001 +

£450 plus VAT and   Court fee

This fixed fee include: drafting and issuing the claim, where no response is received, applying to the Court for Default Judgment; when Default Judgment entered, write to the other side to request payment; if payment is not received within 14 days, providing you with advice on next steps and likely costs.

Step Three – Enforcement

If you have obtained a Default Judgment for the amount owing but have not received payment, you will have the option of enforcing the debt. There are several options available to you however instructing a Court Bailiff to seize goods or money is popular.

Enforcement Action

Our fee

Application for High   Court Bailiff (debts over £600 only)

£80 plus VAT and   disbursement)

Application for the   debtor to attend Court for questioning

£125.00 plus VAT and   disbursements

Application for an   Attachment of Earnings

£125 plus VAT and   disbursements

Application for a   Third Party Debt Order

£100 plus VAT and   disbursements (attendance at Court based on hourly rate of £250 plus VAT)

Application for   Charging Order on Debtor’s Property

Hourly Rate (£depending on work)



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