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Personal Injury

Personal injury claims are one of the fastest growing areas involving litigation. Specialist advice is essential to recover damages due and resolve claims in a manner that minimises the distress that is so often a consequence of such actions. It may also save you considerable expense if your claim is not fully sound or contains insufficient evidence.

Injuries arise from an increasing number of causes but commonly involve:

  • Accidents in the workplace

  • Accidents in public areas

  • Sporting injuries

  • Injuries caused by defective products

  • Road accidents (involving drivers, cyclists or pedestrians)

  • Industrial diseases

  • Criminal injury cases

Our team provide high quality advice and support to the victims of accidents or other injury. Our experience enables us to deliver efficient, reliable advice and the peace of mind that your claim is being professionally handled.

We offer conditional fee agreements in appropriate cases. These are commonly known as "No win No fee"agreements and are an alternative to funding litigation in this area of law. Under this type of agreement the solicitor will only be paid if your claim succeeds.

The solicitor will also be entitled to an additional success fee. 

These fees are usually paid either in full or in part by the losing side. If the claim fails you will not have to pay our fees and usually any fees incurred in the case in respect of disbursments (e.g. court fees or medical report fees) or the fees of the other party will be paid out of an insurance policy which we arrange to cover this risk. You may however be asked to pay the premium for that insurance.



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