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Private Crime

Companies, Business and Individuals may unfortunately come into conflict with Criminal Law whether this involves the Police or any other Prosecution Authority such as the Local Authority or other Government Department.

At DPA Law our Criminal Defence Team consists of Solicitors with vast experience of representing both Companies and individuals in Criminal Proceedings. This includes both the investigation process and in any subsequent Court Hearings. 

We have extensive experience of representing clients in the following areas:-

Motoring Offences

Most of us take our driving licences for granted but the consequences of losing your licence can have serious, costly and long-term implications for your professional and personal life.

Our legal team includes experts in road traffic offences, who provide specialist advice and representation designed to assist you through investigation or prosecution for a road traffic offence and to minimise any penalties.

We understand that the prospect of having to appear before the criminal courts can cause enormous distress. A conviction for a motoring matter may have significant consequences upon you and your future out of all proportion to the offence.

We consider it our duty to examine every aspect of your case. By careful scrutiny of every detail and by enlisting qualified experts when necessary, we will ensure that no stone is left unturned and we will tell you what your chances of success are.

General Crime in both Magistrates Court & Crown Court

All criminal law cases have to start in the Magistrates Court. Each region has its own local Magistrates Court and generally speaking any court proceedings will be commenced in the Magistrates Court which covers the area where the alleged offence or incident occurred.

The Magistrates Court is the lower level of the court system and generally deals with less serious offences such as motoring offences, low value thefts and low level assaults. All cases no matter how serious initially have to start out in the Magistrates court with some cases then going on to be completed in the Crown Court.

Cases in the Magistrates Court are decided either by Lay Magistrates or District Judges. They decide on whether the prosecution have proven that someone is guilty of an offence during trial, what sentence someone should receive when they are guilty and any other matters which need to be decided about the running of a court case. There is no jury in the Magistrates Court.

Our team of solicitors are experienced in representing clients both in the Magistrates and Crown Courts. We also instruct a variety of highly competent barristers to represent our clients. 

Police Station Interviews

This is the first important stage of any criminal proceeding. Accredited representatives and solicitors are on call 24 hours a day to represent anyone who attends a police station, whether voluntarily or under arrest.

Being arrested by the police and held in custody can be traumatic and most people will want to leave as soon as possible. Normally, however, the police want to interview suspects first. What is said or not said in an interview is vital and will have an impact on any proceedings that result. It is therefore crucial to have a legal representative present. 

At DPA Law we recognise that even comparatively minor offences can have a huge significance for individuals, whether or not they have been in trouble with the law before. For that reason, we aim to offer a dedicated, expert and enthusiastic team of solicitors to ensure that each case is given a full quality service.

Regulatory Offences

Individuals may find themselves under investigation or facing charges brought by regulatory bodies including:

  • Department for Work and Pensions and other government departments

  • HM Revenue & Customs

  • Local Authority departments, including education and planning departments

  • Professional bodies (e.g. General Medical Council, British Medical Association, the National Pharmacy Association)

  • The RSPCA.

RSPCA Prosecutions

Cases relating to animal welfare and animal cruelty raise intense emotions in the general public when compared to other more common offences such as shoplifting. Whether the case results in a conviction or not the defendant is often the victim of abuse or a hate-campaign. It is therefore important to us to ensure the case is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is most important that anyone under suspicion contacts one of our advisers a.s.a.p. Interviews under caution (Police and Criminal Evidence Act – PACE) often take place in the suspect’s home location, inquiry office, police station or similar premises.

Our strong advice is to have one of our lawyers present in order to safeguard the suspect’s interests. We often find that clients come to us for help when they have already been interviewed and “damage done.”



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