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Small Claims Court

If you are in the small claims court and are successful in either making or defending the case, you are unable to claim any legal fees from the other party.

We have therefore set up a three stage service which we believe are proportionate to claims brought at court. There is no obligation for you to use us for all stages.

Stage 1 - Discussion as to the merits of the case, guidance with the preparation of the Claim Form and Particulars if you are making the claim or the Defence if you are defending it and guidance completing the Directions Questionnaire.

Stage 2 – Guidance with the preparation of the witness statements and the consideration of your evidence that are essential to your case.

Stage 3 - Reviewing the evidence and an in depth analysis of the case.

Claim Amount

Cost of each Stage

Up to   £5,000

£350   (+VAT)

£5,001   - £8,000

£500   (+VAT)

£8,001   - £10,000

£650   (+VAT)

Please note:

· You will still be responsible for sending and receiving all the correspondence to and from the court and any third parties.

· The costs do not include representing you at a final hearing. If you wish to be represented, we will arrange for an advocate to attend for which there will be an additional fee.

· We will require 50% of the Stage fee up front and the remainder once that Stage has completed.



Thank you for submitting!

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