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Kathryn Devonald-Davies

Kathryn Devonald-Davies

Head of Family Department
Member of Resolution

Kathryn is a distinguished legal professional, a scholar, and a trailblazing business leader with over two decades of substantial expertise spanning Private Crime, Probate & Wills, and Company/Commercial Law. Since obtaining her solicitor qualification in 2000, Kathryn has left an indelible mark in the legal field, offering a profound blend of academic and practical perspectives.

Kathryn's early career was deeply rooted in academia, where she served in senior positions at the top four leading Welsh universities. This background granted her a unique, comprehensive understanding of the law and its theoretical underpinnings. Kathryn, as a business leader, is known for her notable contributions to legal training, commercial mediation, and corporate consultancy.

In 2018, Kathryn brought her diverse skill set to DPA Law, a firm widely recognized for its dedication to client service and legal excellence. Rising swiftly through the firm, Kathryn became an owner of the firm just a year later, in 2019.

Beyond her accomplishments as a solicitor, Kathryn has a specific interest in integrating innovative commercial and legal methods within corporate environments. Her passion for Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology epitomizes her forward-thinking mindset. As a visiting specialist lecturer at the Intellectual Property Office Wales, she broke new ground by developing corporate modules in the Welsh language, further exemplifying her dedication to inclusivity and progressive education.

Her profound understanding of complex legal landscapes allowed Kathryn to contribute to the Home Office, where she was instrumental in drafting and delivering comprehensive legal training modules. Her international recognition came to light when she represented the Law Society on a trade mission to Japan.

As Head of the Family Department at DPA Law and a member of Resolution, Kathryn's commitment to her clients is unwavering. Her recognitions speak volumes about her professional standing, with a recent acknowledgement as one of the top five businesswomen in Wales.

Kathryn's career is a testament to her commitment to legal excellence, innovative thinking, and an unyielding passion for blending technological advancements with legal frameworks. Whether in academia, law, or business, Kathryn continues to push boundaries, setting new precedents in the legal and corporate world.

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