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Ria Burton

Ria Burton


Ria Burton, a dedicated Paralegal at DPA, has a professional journey steeped in legal expertise and a strong sense of community. Her story with us began in 2002, when our company was known as Davies Parsons & Co. Her early career at our firm formed the foundation of her impressive legal journey.

In 2004, seeking opportunities closer to home, Ria transitioned to a law firm near her home. There, she developed an impressive career over 19 years, primarily focused on Wills and Probate law. Her tenure was marked by meticulous attention to detail, deep empathy for her clients, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible legal support.

In March 2023, Ria returned to us at DPA, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge, comprehensive skills, and a keen understanding of the Wills and Probate field. Her homecoming was a welcome addition to our team, infusing our office with her invaluable experience and dedication to excellence.

Beyond her commitment to her professional endeavors, Ria also displays a striking dedication to her community. She frequently participates in marathons and races to raise funds for various charities, demonstrating a remarkable blend of physical endurance and philanthropic spirit. These endeavors illuminate her relentless drive, not just in her career, but in personal initiatives that benefit those around her.

Ria continues to be an integral part of our DPA family. Her story with us is not just a professional one; it is a story of growth, endurance, and dedication to her craft and her community.

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