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Teresa Rees

Teresa Rees

Legal Assistant

Teresa Rees is an esteemed Legal Assistant with DPA Law, boasting an impressive track record that spans over three decades in the legal industry. Specialising in Probate, Wills, and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) matters, Teresa has consistently demonstrated precision, diligence, and profound understanding within her role at the firm.

Since joining DPA Law 30 years ago, Teresa quickly distinguished herself as an invaluable asset in the complex field of probate law. Her meticulous handling of estate administration and probate procedures has earned her a reputation for excellence among her colleagues, peers, and clients.

In addition to her probate specialisation, Teresa's expertise at DPA Law also encompasses will drafting. She has become a trusted adviser to individuals seeking to ensure that their wishes are honoured, crafting legally sound and personalised wills for a diverse clientele.

Teresa's legal prowess further extends to the area of Lasting Power of Attorney. Within DPA Law, she assists clients in making crucial decisions regarding their health, welfare, and financial matters, guiding them with both empathy and expertise.

Furthermore, her experience in Conveyancing has solidified her standing as a versatile legal professional. Handling numerous property transactions at DPA Law, Teresa has overseen everything from straightforward residential sales to more intricate commercial acquisitions.

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