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Toyah Thomas

Toyah Thomas

Head of Commercial Conveyancing

Toyah Thomas is a passionate and dedicated Licensed Conveyancer with a keen interest in property law. She obtained her LLB Honours degree with a 2:2 classification from the esteemed University of South Wales, where she developed a strong foundation in legal knowledge and skills.

Toyah's enthusiasm and motivation are evident in her commitment to her career and personal achievements. Despite the challenges of completing her conveyancing qualifications during maternity leave and a global pandemic, Toyah persevered and accomplished her goal of becoming a Licensed Conveyancer. Her tenacious spirit and drive to set and achieve new goals make her a valuable asset to any legal team.

In her work, Toyah thrives on the fast-paced, challenging nature of property law. She takes pride in the unique and rewarding aspects of each case, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention and the highest level of service.

Outside her professional life, Toyah has a fervent love for martial arts, a discipline she shares with her husband. Over the past three years, they have dedicated themselves to mastering Aikido within the Shin Gi Tai Association. This journey has allowed Toyah to meet remarkable individuals and learn from some of the UK's top Senseis. Her commitment and dedication led her to achieve her Blue Belt in Aikido while she was eight weeks pregnant, a testament to her strength and determination. Currently, she is ambitiously preparing to earn her Brown Belt by the end of this year.

In 2022, Toyah expanded her martial arts journey by taking up kickboxing with Shogun Cymru. This new pursuit has enabled her to develop a unique style of self-defense and controlled attacks. Under the guidance of exceptional Senseis, she continues to grow and refine her skills in this dynamic sport.

With Toyah Thomas as your Licensed Conveyancer, you can trust in her determination, enthusiasm, and expertise to ensure a smooth and efficient property transaction process. Her martial arts journey reflects her resilience and adaptability, underscoring her commitment to overcoming challenges in any arena, making her a reliable and resourceful legal professional.

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